The Art of Food and Wine Pairing

Mar 30, 2019

We are passionate about the food and produce we source (local is best!) and the wine we pair with it.  Whether we are planning a restaurant menu, event or something as special as an engagement or wedding, it is important that the food served is matched up with the appropriate wine or cocktail.

Firstly, it is important to consider the weight or body of the food and ensure it matches up with the weight of the wine.  After considering the weight, you need to look at whether you want to complement or contrast the flavour.  Here are some of our top tips:

1. Earthy dishes with mushrooms, truffles, beetroot and roasted tomato are perfect teamed with a light Pinot Noir as they complement each other

2. The deep, dark richness of a full bodied red such as the VS Cabernet Sauvignon pairs perfectly with juicy red meat such as steak, lamb cutlets, duck or strong chedder.

3. Light and zingy dressings with lime, chili and corriander on salads sit beautifully with a light and clean VS Sauvignon Blanc.  To contrast, a fish with a creamy lemon sauce contrasts with a crisp, acidic Sauvignon Blanc as it cuts through the creaminess to give a different, refreshing sensation on the palate.

4. A dry VS Rose and any hearty cheese tower are like a match made in heaven. Some whites go well with some cheeses, and others with red wine – but all will blend perfectly with a Rose so is a safer bet.  If marrying up your canapes, tapas or a chicken salad, you cant go wrong.

5. Lightly flavoured seafood dishes such as prawns or scallops are well matched with light whites such as Pinot Grigis

6. Sparkling wines and salty snacks are perfect together – sparkling’s can often have a hint of sweetness which is balanced when teamed with a salty mouthful of something tasty like smoked salmon canapes, fresh oysters and prawns.  Alternatively, if you are after a pre-dinner cocktail, the Fiji Giner Sparkling sits well on the palate.

7. Fatty fish (such as salmon) or seafood served in a thick, luscious sauce are perfect with a full bodied, buttery Signature Collection Chardonnay.

8. A red wine with a hint of spiciness eg Shiraz is good to go with heavily spiced food such as Mediterranean coated meats (cumin, paprika and the like). Think spiced lamb loin with couscous.   Cooking a roast though is better matched with a Merlot.

9. Dry Riesling and a spicy dish such as Singapore laksa or a red curry offset each other perfectly or alternatively, marry up with a Viognier.

10. A sticky Moscato served with a fruit based dessert is a great match – figs or apples do a service to this lovely drop to finish off your night.

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