Development and Management

We develop and manage entertainment precincts that activate idle urban spaces. We create vibrant places that benefit the local community, engaging local entrepreneurs and artists.

Food Focus develops and manages mixed use entertainment precincts. They incorporate retail, entertainment, food and drink innovations. Activating unused urban spaces, they become vibrant places for the community and bring commercial value to the area.
These spaces stimulate economic growth and draw millions of annual visitors.

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NightQuarter Entertainment Precincts

Devised by Food Focus, NightQuarter is the latest innovation in entertainment precincts, creating a mecca for food, fashion, art and entertainment. Comprising of eight distinctly themed precincts built out of recycled shipping containers, it creates a sought after destination for both locals and tourists seeking a different night experience; pivoting around street food, emerging fashion, arts & crafts and up-and-coming entertainment. The divergence of goods and services combined with a colourful mix of vendors all work together to create an eclectic atmosphere that cannot be found in traditional shopping malls or commercial hospitality environments.