Screaming for Ice Cream – The Unexpected Hero of 2015

Jun 06, 2015

Ice cream….What’s your favourite flavour?

Although ice cream can be considered a mature market and seeing lower rates of growth, manufacturers have managed to maintain momentum by innovating to stimulate consumption. Here are some of the main trends – and more quirky developments – in ice cream innovation, and the products launched to make the most of them:

Trends in Ice Cream

    • Fruit and Vege Bars

Manufacturers are taking advantage of that perception with better-for-you innovations that combine fruit juice with pumpkin, beet, kale, spinach and other vegetable juices. In addition to their produce base, these products tout their low calorie count, reduced fat and specific vitamin content.

    • Dairy Free Ice Cream.

Consumers are demanding a wider variety of lactose/dairy free ice creams.

    • Premiumisation

Premiumisation is proving to be a lucrative way of expanding business, as upmarket desserts benefit from growing consumer interest in indulgent experiences combined with demand for quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours.

    • Aromatic

Incorporating scent into ice cream adds an extra sensory appeal to the consumption experience.

    • Alcoholic

Alcohol-flavoured ice creams have been at the forefront of new product development – extending the traditional rum and raisin.

    • International Flavours

Using Asian spices, such as cardamom and ginger, to flavour products can allow brands to tap into the trend for more sophisticated adult focused flavours.

    • Low cal, low cost

The perception of ice cream as a summer treat is slowly changing in many markets, as it loses its seasonality and is becoming accepted as an indulgent snack and dessert option. However, there is scope to widen this audience by offering more convenient and less messy formats for older adults, such as in cups or in scoops. Fruit lolly products with a low sugar content or low-fat / low-calorie alternatives to sugar may also find takers. This could open up potential avenues for premiumisation and up-ageing of a segment that is still considered to be for children.

    • Extending Appeal

There are opportunities to extend the appeal of ice lollies beyond young families through more sophisticated, gourmet recipes.

    • Cross Categories Blurring

Through taking on a flavour usually seen in the bakery or cookie category, the ice cream satisfies consumer hunger for cross-category blurring.

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