Everything You Need to Know About Pop-Up Events

May 14, 2019 39 Comments

Here are 7 things to think about if you’re considering this fast-growing trend. From retail marketing to experiential dining, pop-up events are gaining in popularity since their inception about a decade ago. Pop-ups are more than just a trendy, seemingly unplanned or temporary event. They have real power in building brand awareness and impressing a […]

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Find the Perfect Venue for Your Next Function

Mar 30, 2019 1 Comment

In the hospitality industry, we are involved at all levels with function planning. Whether it is designing venues, creating function rooms, developing function offers for venues, managing events and booking external venues for our own events… we have done it all! Whether it is a birthday, kids party, business event, engagement or wedding; when organising […]

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Cocktail Trends We Love

Mar 30, 2019

Cocktail trends are shifting and becoming more popular than ever.   2019 is a year of alcohol-free cocktails, providence and sustainability in beverages.  Consumers are more health conscious and want to know that they are supporting local beverage producers.  Packaging is being considered along with wastage and edible garnishes. Canned Cocktails Dare we say it […]

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The Art of Food and Wine Pairing

Mar 30, 2019

We are passionate about the food and produce we source (local is best!) and the wine we pair with it.  Whether we are planning a restaurant menu, event or something as special as an engagement or wedding, it is important that the food served is matched up with the appropriate wine or cocktail. Firstly, it […]

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So What Are The Trends For 2019?

Dec 08, 2018

The food and beverage industry is an ever-changing beast. In order to get ahead, we take a look at the trends that are going to shape the industry in 2019. 

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What To Expect in 2018

Dec 21, 2017

Looking back on 2017, our focus on street food, charcoal flavours, unusual spices to edible bugs has made it a colourful year. Looking at what is trending, the following outlines where we feel the focus is for 2018… 1. Environmental Consumption Consumers continue to want to know where their food is from, truth in labelling […]

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Natural probiotics are all the rage right now

Sep 08, 2015

Natural probiotic foods are ‘all the rage’ to create immunity and a healthy gut. So what are some of these foods? 1. Tempeh – Tempeh is made from naturally fermented soybeans. With a slightly nutty flavour, it’s a good source of probiotics—and, because it contains all the essential amino acids, it’s a complete source of […]

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The Power of Storytelling

Sep 07, 2015

Once upon a time… around the same time that Don Draper ruled the advertising world, all you needed to outsell your competitor was a catchy tagline and a huge advertising budget. The internet changed everything, and the mass marketing channels that were the best friend of the 20th century ad men are now nothing more […]

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Screaming for Ice Cream – The Unexpected Hero of 2015

Jun 06, 2015

Ice cream….What’s your favourite flavour? Although ice cream can be considered a mature market and seeing lower rates of growth, manufacturers have managed to maintain momentum by innovating to stimulate consumption. Here are some of the main trends – and more quirky developments – in ice cream innovation, and the products launched to make the […]

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Connection is the New Food Fashion

Jun 06, 2015 177 Comments

Food Fashion – We eat what we are…Consumers have moved from wanting to eat local to wanting a ‘connection with food’. If food is truly becoming fashion, then marketers need to probe deeper and more frequently to better understand the relationship between consumers and their food. Food trends are changing as quickly as fashion trends […]

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