Our History

Food Focus consists of a team of expert consultants with a collective 70 years of experience in the hospitality and food industries.

Food Focus Australia Pty Ltd has been established since 2010. We have helped businesses that span the supply chain and include farmers and growers, retailers of all shapes and sizes, food manufacturers, restaurants/cafes, hotels and food service to succeed with their projects.

Innovation in Food and Hospitality

The food and hospitality industries are about people. People sharing experiences. People exploring their creativity and pushing boundaries. People enjoying and appreciating something made by someone else. Old traditions carried on. Life celebrated.

Food Focus was built out of respect for the farmers, artisan producers, chefs, and culinary business owners… the people who share our passion for food and hospitality. We create opportunities for people in the food and hospitality industries to grow their businesses, and make a difference.

We hold firmly to a few core values:

  • We exist to drive innovation in the food and hospitality industries, through our own projects, and by engaging clients who also care about creativity and innovation in our industry.
  • We support and create opportunities for local Australian producers, farmers, chefs and culinary business owners whose projects and initiatives show innovation and community support
  • We develop projects that create powerful food and hospitality experiences, and make a positive impact on local communities and the local economy.
  • We create long term partnerships with businesses who share our respect for quality, craftsmanship, authenticity and sustainability.

About Food Focus

From early beginnings in 2010, Food Focus evolved into a powerful food and hospitality consultancy when industry heavyweights from two very different, but closely entwined, sectors came together. Michelle Christoe knows food. Ian Van der Woude knows hospitality. Working together, they have built a team with deep industry knowledge and the capacity to drive game-changing innovation in the Australian food and hospitality market.

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